Even though Cross Cut Shredder the frequent corporate choice and deliver a moderate level security, government or defense organizations and large enterprises usually prefer to use high security micro cut paper shredders to dispose-off confidential documents and paper sheets to maximize their document security and eliminate risk.  Both crosscut shredder and microcut shredder devices use two contra-rotating blades to cut paper sheets into confetti cut pieces, shredding sheets in horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, and dump shredded waste into an embedded shred bin. Although the purpose is same i.e. SHREDDING, companies select different machines according to their need and most importantly, depending on the level of security required.

Compared to Strip Cut Paper Shredders, Cross Cut Paper Shredders and Micro Cut Paper shredders are more secure and less susceptible to reconstruction or deciphering because of similar two-way shredding and smaller shred size.  However, beside various similarities, there are significant differences between microcut paper shredder and cross cut paper shredding machines that can influence corporate selection and decision criterion for shredding machine to acquire desired results. Here is a glimpse of the differences between two paper shredder categories:

Security Level: The Micro Cut Shredder features a higher level of security as compared to Cross Cut Paper Shredder.  The security level for cross cut shredding ranges from level 3 to level 4, while, it can be between level 4 to level 6 for micro cut shredding.

Security Standards: Microcut paper shredder are often required to conform to security standards such as NSA (National Security Agency), CSS (Central Security Service), and DoD (Department of Defense) to optimize shredding for the high security environments. Crosscut Shredders are usually not confronted with such intricate compliance and conformation requirements.

Shredding Speed: There are multiple factors that affect shredding speed of a paper shredder and one of multiple factors is the shred size. The smaller the shred size is, lower will be the speed. Therefore, best cross cut paper shredders are relatively faster than micro cut shredders.

Reliability: Compatible with industry standards and pre-approved from authorities, best micro cut shredder are more reliable and secure any other paper shredder machine. These machines are pre-tested for optimum shredding and therefore deliver high performance and dependable results within their specified limitations.

Sheet Capacity: Cross Cut Paper Shredders have a higher sheet capacity as compared to the micro cut shredders, allowing cross cut machines to shred more paper in less time.

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